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Why Is My Heating Bill So High?

“Winter is coming” — Eddard Stark. With temperatures outside dropping, many homes will start to see their heating bills increase. Learn what factors can cause your bill to go up and what you can do to lower it while still keeping your home warm.     WHAT INCREASES YOUR HEATING BILL?  There are a few […]

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Smart Home. Efficient Home.

Smart home technology is one of the most important advancements we use in our homes today. From early adopters to skeptics who now find convenience in asking Alexa to turn on the lights, these devices are found in millions of American households. From smart plugs and thermostats to smart home hubs, this technology continues to […]

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Why You Shouldn’t “DIY” Your HVAC System

In the Greater Pittsburgh region there’s a consistent theme. Considering we were once the industrial backbone of America, the people in this region know a thing or two about self-reliance and saving money by putting a couple of bucks and a little sweat-equity into various trades around the house. From changing the oil in your […]

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How To Buy A Furnace

An efficient furnace plays a vital role in keeping your home warm and cozy during the winter. But how do you know which type of furnace is best? If you want to replace your old furnace or buy a new furnace online, this 6-step guide can assist you. Let’s start with how a furnace works […]

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How HVAC Can Boost Your Homes’ Sale Price

Some Surprising Numbers According to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, Americans are spending increasingly large amounts of money on residential remodeling projects each year and seeing less and less of a return. From 2017 to 2018, the money spent on home remodels nationwide increased by 7.5%, totaling nearly $340 billion. Yet, the average ROI for […]

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