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Mitsubishi Spring Homeowner Rebate

Spring Home Owner Rebate March 22-May 21, 2021   Spring into savings with Spurk HVAC & Mitsubishi Electric. For a limited time only, when you purchase a qualifying Mitsubishi System you may be eligible to receive: $100 Rebate for each Hyper Heat Single Zone System: Eligible Models: MUZ-FH06NA(H) MUFZ-K•J09NAHZ MUZFH09NA(H)  MUFZ-KJ12NAHZ MUZ-FH12NA(H)  MUFZ-KJ15NAHZ MUZ-FH15NA(H)  MUFZ-KJ18NAHZ […]

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Zoned Home. Comfortable Home.

Life has been different this year, with COVID-19-related restrictions prompting many of us to forgo holiday travel and traditions in favor of hunkering down at home and relying on our imagination, Netflix, and our HVAC system to keep us happy. But staying in over the holidays and this winter comes with one perk: more time […]

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