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Zoned Air Conditioning allows you to precisely target the rooms you use without wasting money on the rooms you’re not using. Lower your energy bills by only focusing on the areas — or zones — you are actually using with this cooling option.

Split Zone Air Conditioning is an enhanced ducted system that directs air to various areas of the house using motorized dampers. Each room is controlled with a dedicated thermostat.

Our Spurk HVAC experts offer unrivaled knowledge and experience with Zoned Air Conditioning in the area. If you’d like to learn more about this cooling option, speak to our team so we can share our unsurpassed knowledge in this area to help you stay cool without breaking the bank.

Installation and Replacement

Installing a zoned air conditioning system requires an expert touch.

If you already have Central Air, it’s very important to keep the existing ductwork intact while installing the dampening system. Or, if you’re installing a system from scratch, you will want to ensure the crew doing the job has the required know-how to do the job right.

Our expert team of technicians have extensive training and knowledge, making them the region’s go-to experts in this field.  You’ll be able to stay cool this summer knowing your installation and replacement was a shrewd, cost-effective choice when you go with the Spurk HVAC team.

Repair Services

If your zoned control system is in need of repair, you can trust our Spurk HVAC team to get the job done on time and under-budget. No matter what caused your system to go on the fritz, our expert team has the right fix!

Our warehouse is fully stocked with parts to fix all makes and models. If your AC is down, call on our unparalleled response time and unquestioned ability to repair all Zoned AC systems.

Maintenance Services

Avoid waiting until your system is overworked during the squelching heat of summer to give it the routine service it needs to perform year after year. Keep your AC System humming throughout the year by relying on the Spurk HVAC team to perform routine service. A dedicated service regimen is also a great way to ensure your energy bills are as low as possible by maximizing your system’s efficiency.