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As experts in heating repair services for nearly two decades, Spurk HVAC understands how tough winters can be. We know that homeowners need reliable heating systems that meet their individual needs before the cold weather hits.

It can be frustrating when your heat goes out right before the unruly weather hits, but Spurk HVAC understands that it can happen and, when it does it requires immediate attention.

Today’s heating equipment is a complex combination of electrical system controls, gas piping, valves and motors. I take’s a trained technician that services this type of equipment daily to effectively and efficiently troubleshoot issues when they are presented.

Whatever the issue, Spurk HVAC is your locally trusted heating and cooling specialist for your system repairs with 24-hour service and maintenance plans to fit all applications.

24/7 Emergency Repair

In 2018, Pittsburgh saw a low of -6 degrees and nearly 60 inches of snow throughout the winter months. Spurk HVAC’s expert team of heating technicians recognizes how important it is to keep your heating system running when the cold weather strikes.

With our 24/7 emergency repair service, we will work diligently to have your heat back on as soon as possible if your system breaks on a cold winter day or frigid night.

When It’s Time for Heating Repairs

There is never a convenient time for your heating equipment to need a repair. Heating maintenance enables it to run more efficiently for longer and to spot any potential issues, but sometimes equipment just breaks.

The good news is you can spot warning signs that may indicate future system failure before it occurs. Some of these warning signs include system run times longer than usual, abnormal odors, cold air coming from the vents, poor airflow from the vents or unusual noises, depending on your system.

Spurk HVAC is on call and ready to assist when our services are needed.

Types of Heating System Repair Services

We offer repair services on the following heating system types:

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